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A drop in session will be held at The Pavilion Cafe, Tanshire Park on Wednesday 25th July from 11am to 2pm.  If you missed the launch on 6th July or you have questions regarding the plan do please pop along.

Draft Neightbourhood Plan July/Aug 2018

Elstead and Weyburn Steering Group in conjunction with Elstead Parish Council would like to thank all those who attended the launch of its Draft Neighbourhood plan on Friday 6th July 2018, held at The Pavilion, Thursley Road.  The Neighbourhood Plan team are delighted with the positive response and feedback it has so far received.

The plan may be viewed online at elsteadpc.gov.uk under both the news and neighbourhood plan pages.

Hard copies of the draft plan can be viewed at the following village locations: St James Church, Chandlers Garage, Michelle Renee, Ultimate Beauty, Springfield Surgery, Elstead Dentist and Elstead Chiropractic.  Please note that these copies must be read in situ and not be uplifted.  A further hard copy can be borrowed from The Clerk, email: elsteadpc.clerk@gmail.com

There now follows an eight week consultation period - 2 weeks longer than the minimum - to allow plenty of time for people to respond.  We would urge all residents to read the plan and make any comments - no matter how big or small - before 30th August.  Comments should be made ideally via a short online survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ElsteadPlan or be sent in writing to; The Clerk, Elstead Parish Council, Woodview, Red House Lane, Elstead, Surrey GU8 6DS.  Thank you.


The Elstead & Weyburn NHP team are delighted to announce the launch of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.  Do come along on Friday 6th July from 6-10pm at the Pavilion, Thursley Road where you will have the chance to see the draft policies and chat to the team in an informal setting.  

The Draft plan is now available online!  Part 1 and Part 2 of the draft NHP are found here - it is too large to be uploaded as a single document.  Hard copies will be available to read in key village locations from w/c 9th July - venues will be listed here from 9th July.  

All residents are invited to provide feedback on the draft plan online via https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ElsteadPlan or by post to The Clerk, Woodview, Red House Lane, Elstead, Surrey.  GU8 6DS.  All feedback must be received by 30th August 2018.  

A poster about the event is attached here.

A leaflet explaining the Neighbourhood Plan Process that has been distributed to all residents is available here.


A debrief following the Big Meeting and Design Workshop held in July 2017 can be found here.  Due to the size of the presentation it is split into three parts.

Part 1 and 2

Part 3

Part 4


All official information and documentation relating to the Elstead and Weyburn Neighbourhood Plan will be available here. Please note that the Weyburn site is part of the parish of Peper Harow.

You can complete the online version of the BIG SURVEY here: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BIGSURVEYElSTEAD 

Elstead and Weyburn Neighbourhood Plan Submission Letter to Waverley Borough Council

Proposed Boundary Map (Appendix A)

Proposed Boundary Map (Appendix B)

Neighbourhood Plan Notice (Waverley Borough Council)

Elstead and Weyburn Area Application Decision Letter 

Public Meeting Presentations - 6th July 2015

Public Meeting - 6th July 2016 - Presentation Part 1 Pages 1-30

Public Meeting - 6th July 2016 - Presentation Part 2 Pages 31-end

If you would like to be involved in or speak to someone about the Neighbourhood Planning process, please contact a Steering Group member below (click on their name to email).

Jane Jacobs

Chair/Parish Council Representative

Dawn Davidsen

Vice Chair/Peper Harow Representative/Weyburn Group

Pat Murphy

Parish Council Representative

Guil Strathalmond

Transport  & Utilities Group

Anne Thomas

Transport  & Utilities Group

Helen Page

Employment Group

Richard Rees

Housing & Community Facilities Group

Roger Gardner

Environment, Heritage and Design Group

Peter Hartley

Environment, Heritage and Design Group

Juliet Williams

Parish Council Clerk

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