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Information about Parish Council Members

Parish Council Members

Name and Contact Details Pat Murphy
Moors Cottage, Moors Lane, Elstead
01252 703151
Email: elsteadpc.pat.murphy@gmail.com
Roles and Responsibilities


Finance Committee Chairman; Media Contact; Emergency Committee; Smiths Charity

Biographies Born in 1944, Pat has been a member of the Parish Council since 1999 - elected Chairman in 2011. He worked as a senior civil servant with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for 30 years. He has lived in Elstead since 1982, is married to Denise and has 2 sons. He is President of Elstead CC and  Chairman to Elstead Recreational Trust, which manages the Elstead Pavilion. Pecuniary Form

Name and Contact Details

Roger Gardner

Oak Tree Cottage, Hookley Lane, Elstead

01252 703232

Email: elsteadpc.roger.gardner@gmail.com

Roles and Responsibilities

Finance Committee; Planning Committee; Highways Representative; Emergency Committee; Smiths Charity

Biographies Roger has 35 years experience in the aerospace and aviation world having worked in government, industry and academia. He is now an independent aerospace consultant and a director of two niche aviation and energy service companies. Together with Avril and weekend visiting daughter, he has lived in Elstead for nearly 40 years. Roger supports the Hookley Lane Residents Association and has been involved with crime prevention in the village. Pecuniary Form

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Name and Contact Details

John Mathisen

The Oaks, Beacon View Road, Elstead

Telephone: 01252 703066

Email: elsteadpc.john.mathisen@gmail.com

Roles and Responsibilities

Planning Committee; Thursley Road Recreation Ground; Jubilee Play Area; Elstead (Thursley Road) Recreational Trust - PC Trustee; Hankley Common Conservation Group – PC Representative; Hankley Users Group – PC Representative.

Biographies Four children married and left home, John & Di moved into the village in 2015 after 40 years in a cottage on the edge of Hankley Common where he has walked dogs almost daily since 1975.  Shareholder and financial director of companies in travel, tourism and leisure consultancy, he sold out in 2004, but still works part time. A member of the Elstead Bridge Club and the Surrey Association of Woodturners.  He liaises with the Army’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation on the Conservation of and Public access to Hankley and Elstead Commons on behalf of the Village. Pecuniary Form

Name and Contact Details Roger Holroyd
The Alders, Lower Ham Lane, Elstead
01252 703289
Email: elsteadpc.joan.juniper@gmail.com
Roles and Responsibilities

Finance Committee; Planning Committee; Burford Lodge Recreation; Burford Lodge Play area; Smiths Charity

Biographies Pecuniary Form

Name and Contact Details

Joan Holroyd
The Alders, Lower Ham Lane, Elstead
01252 703289

Email: elsteadpc.joan.juniper@gmail.com

Roles and Responsibilities

Finance Committee; Planning Committee; Burford Lodge Recreation; Burford Lodge Play area; Smiths Charity

Biographies Joan has lived in Elstead for 38 years and brought up her children here. They both went to Elstead First School as did her granddaughter.  Her nursing career has been at the Royal Surrey County Hospital as a Senior Nurse and latterly as a Senior Tutor in Emergency Care at the University of Surrey (retiring December 2013).  Joan has also taught the Local Scouts and Brownies First Aid and is a Nurse with St Johns and was part of the medical team for the Olympics in 2012 delivering nursing care and managing a team of First Aiders in the Aquatic Centre.  She has also been a Magistrate for Farnham and Camberley. Pecuniary Form

Name and Contact Details

Leif Davidsen
Weyfield, Milford Road, Elstead
01252 702729

Email: elsteadpc.leif.davidsen@gmail.com

Roles and Responsibilities

Vice Chairman

Planning Committee; Woolfords Lane Cemetery; Website

Biographies Leif grew up in Bucks and lived in Hampshire for a number of years before moving to and enjoying living in Surrey. Leif works for IBM's Software Development Laboratory outside Winchester, clocking in 26 years so far. Leif moved with his wife and children to Elstead in 2005, returning to the area where his wife Dawn grew up. Joined the Parish Council in 2011 and  enjoys walking his dogs on the Commons. Pecuniary Form


Name and Contact Details

Jane Jacobs
Maybrook House,Thursley Road, Elstead

01252 705151

Email: elsteadpc.jane.jacobs@gmail.com

Roles and Responsibilities

Planning Committee Chairman; Neighbourhood Plan

Biographies Jane grew up in London and South Bucks and worked for a Merchant Bank in the City. In the late 1980’s/ early 1990’s she served both as a Parish and a District Councillor for Chalfont St Peter, Bucks. She then moved to Lynchmere, West Sussex and was a member of their Parish Council until the sudden death of her husband. She and her partner have lived in Elstead since November 2000 and up until 2015 ran a local livery yard. Jane walks her dogs daily on the local commons so the ongoing debates regarding Hankley and Thursley Commons are of particular interest. Pecuniary Form

Name and Contact Details

Richard Rees
Orchard Lea, Milford Road, Elstead

Email: elsteadpc.richard.rees@gmaill.com

01252 706730

Roles and Responsibilities

Finance Committee, Emergency Committee, Planning Committee

Biographies Richard grew up in rural Leicestershire, moving south in 1998, living in / around Guildford.  After 7 years in Godalming, Richard and his wife Fiona moved into Elstead in 2011, where they are bringing up their daughters (aged 8 and 6) – seeking the rural village community that Elstead offers in abundance.  Amongst enjoying walks, bike rides and attempts at DIY, he is often seen commuting in London as an Account Director for Capgemini (an IT company). Pecuniary Form.


Name and Contact Details

Kathryn Brooke

34 Springfield, Elstead

01252 703373

Email: elsteadpc.kathryn.brooke@gmail.com

Roles and Responsibilities

Planning Committee, Public Rights of Way, Allotments Representative

Biographies Pecuniary Form

Parish Council Clerk

Juliet Williams,
Wood View, Red House Lane, Elstead, GU8 6DS
01252 703943

All Council correspondence and enquiries regarding Woolfords Lane Cemetary should be made to the Clerk

Waverley Borough Councillors:

Jenny Else 01252 702036 jenny.else@waverley.gov.uk

David Else 01252 702036 David.Else@waverley.gov.uk

Surrey County Councillor

David Harmer 01428 606921 david.harmer@surreycc.gov.uk

Member of Parliament

Jeremy Hunt MP 01428 609416 huntj@parliament.uk


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