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The NHP SG recently conducted a Housing Needs Survey.  The final report may be found attached here.


June 2019

Public Rights Notice 2018-19

Each year the smaller authority’s Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) needs to be reviewed by an external auditor.  The unaudited AGAR is available to view on the 'Finance' page of this website. As it has yet to be reviewed by the appointed auditor, it is subject to change as a result of that review.   Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounting records for the financial year to which the audit relates.. For the year ended 31 March 2019, these documents will be available on reasonable notice by application to: Juliet Williams, The Clerk & RFO, Woodivew, Red House Lane, Elstead, Surrey.  GU8 6DS.  Tel: 07884 490581.  Email: elsteadpc.clerk@gmail.com  (commencing on Monday 24 June 2019 and ending on  Friday 2nd August 2019).

Notice of Public Rights 2018-2019

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018-2019 - Annual Internal Audit, Section 1, Section 2

NB: The External Audit Report 2018-2019 is currently in process


May 2019

At our May meeting Di Snape was co-opted onto the Parish Council and we welcome Di, Stefan and Jessica our new councillors who will be working alongside Pat, Leif, Jane, John, Roger and Richard.


PC Co-Option

Following the recent local election we need to co-opt one councillor to the Parish Council at the meeting to be held on 20th May.

If you are interested please contact the Clerk elsteadpc.clerk@gmail.com.

Attached is an advert.



Free AED training is being offered to all residents on 11th May from 12.30 - 2.30pm.  No previous experience or medical knowledge is necessary.  Please email the Clerk elsteadpc.clerk@ gmail.com if you would like to attend.  Each session lasts approx 30 minutes.  See attached for information.


January 2019

Housing Needs Survey.  Residents are asked to complete the housing needs survey that has been sent out to everyone by post.  The survey can be completed online at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/EAPHHNS

The deadline is 28th February 2019.

December 2018

SCC Consultation

SCC need to save £85m and are conducting a consultation on the following areas: Chidren's Centres, Concessionary Bus Travel, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Libraries and Cultural services and Community Recycling Centres. Residents are advised that there will be a drop-in session on 12th December from 10am-noon at The Wilfred Noyce Centre, Godalming and an additional session will be held at Farnham date tba. Residents may feed back on this up to 4th January 2019 link following: https://www.surreycc.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/have-your-say/consultations

Shackleford Road - Gas Mains

Some road works due by Weyburn development site from 7.12.18.  Traffic light controls so expect some delays but road should still be accessible despite the sign stating otherwise.


November 2018

Wooden Train Jubillee Rec

Sadly the much loved wooden train has deteriorated further since its repair therefore the PC has decided to uplift it.  The PC is saving for a replacement and it is hoped that something can be installed for next summer.

Press release from WBC

Council proposes new timeline for Local Plan Part 2

Following deferment of the publication of Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan Part 2 last month, the council has announced a new timeline, which would see publication of the Pre-Submission (draft) version for consultation in summer 2019.

The deferment allows time for extra engagement with stakeholders, including a series of workshops with parish and town councillors in those areas where Local Plan Part 2 is proposing housing sites, involving the relevant ward members in each area. The events are due to be held in the coming months.  The workshops are designed to allow those who attend to gain an enhanced understanding of the site promotion and selection process; and to be able to feed in to the process of selecting sites for Local Plan Part 2.

In addition, the council will continue to discuss the proposed housing sites with key stakeholders to gain further feedback on issues such as transport impacts, water supply and sewerage, and health provision within those settlements.

Timings are indicative at this stage but it is hoped that following a successful conclusion to these discussions, the council will be in a position to publish Local Plan Part 2 for its Pre-Submission Consultation next summer.  This will be a public consultation held for at least six weeks.  All statutory consultees will be notified along with those individuals and businesses registered on the council’s planning consultation database. 

Waverley Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Policy and Customer Services, Councillor Christopher Storey, said: “It is vital that our plans represent our residents’, businesses’ and communities’ aspirations for the future of the borough – and that is why we’ve added extra time for further targeted engagement with our stakeholders.”


October 2018

An policing update from Inspector Smith is attached.


AUDIT concluded

The audit notice and auditor's letter can be found here.


The audit letter, sections 1 & 2 and secion 3 can be found here.  The accounts are still being reviewed by the Auditors.


September 2018

******* STOP PRESS **************

The draft NHP consultation has been extended until the end of September 2018.  

 Part 1 and Part 2 of the draft NHP are found here - it is too large to be uploaded as a single document.

Hard copies of the draft plan can be viewed at the following village locations: St James Church, Chandlers Garage, Michelle Renee, Ultimate Beauty, Springfield Surgery, Elstead Dentist and Elstead Chiropractic.  Please note that these copies must be read in situ and not be uplifted.  A further hard copy can be borrowed from The Clerk, email: elsteadpc.clerk@gmail.com

Comments should be made ideally via a short online survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ElsteadPlan or be sent in writing to; The Clerk, Elstead Parish Council, Woodview, Red House Lane, Elstead, Surrey GU8 6DS.  Thank you.

July 2018

Please see following a press release form WBC.  Make sure you are registered to vote by 10th Augst 2018.  A form should have been posted to all households.


News Release
Issued by Waverley Borough Council
Date: 25 July 2018
Secure Your Vote For 2019

Residents in Waverley are being urged not to miss important voter registration information in the post. 

Forms are dropping thorough the letter boxes of all households in the borough asking them to check whether the information that appears on the electoral register about their address is correct.

Waverley Bororugh Council is asking residents to look out for the form in the post and respond by 10 August 2018 to avoid a reminder letter being sent. The aim of the form is to make sure that the electoral register is up to date and to identify any residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so.

Residents can respond quickly and easily by using one of the internet, phone or text options outlined on the form or by completing and returning the form using the envelope provided.
It is a legal requirement that a member of each household responds to the form and you have to be registered to be able to take part in the borough and town and parish elections that will be held in the borough on 2 May 2019. Being registered to vote can also help when making credit applications


******* STOP PRESS **************

A drop in session will be held at The Pavilion Cafe, Tanshire Park on Wednesday 25th July from 11am to 2pm.  If you missed the launch on 6th July or you have questions regarding the plan do please pop along.


Water Efficiency

Message from South East Water:

As the heat increases, so does the amount of water we all use. To cope with this, South East Water is producing an extra 100 million litres a day across its supply area – the equivalent of 40 Olympic swimming pools of water.  See top tips here
High demand for water is often caused by garden watering – on a normal day it makes up six per cent of water use in the home, but on hot days this can soar to 70 per cent, mainly due to garden sprinklers which use as much water in an hour as a family of six uses in a day.
During this period of high demand some people may experience lower than normal pressures during times of high demand such as breakfast and dinner time so everyone is being asked to reduce garden water use during these times to try to make sure there is enough water for everyone.
Being water savvy in the sunshine will help ease pressure on the company’s extensive network of 9,000 miles of pipes, pumping stations and treatment works which are working at full pelt around the clock to keep taps running.
Despite the recent dry spell, reservoir and ground water levels are as expected for this time of year.
Saving water means saving money too and top tips and free water saving devices can be found at: southeastwater.co.uk/savewater.

Draft Neightbourhood Plan July/Aug 2018

Elstead and Weyburn Steering Group in conjunction with Elstead Parish Council would like to thank all those who attended the launch of its Draft Neighbourhood plan on Friday 6th July 2018, held at The Pavilion, Thursley Road.  The Neighbourhood Plan team are delighted with the positive response and feedback it has so far received.

 Part 1 and Part 2 of the draft NHP are found here - it is too large to be uploaded as a single document.

Hard copies of the draft plan can be viewed at the following village locations: St James Church, Chandlers Garage, Michelle Renee, Ultimate Beauty, Springfield Surgery, Elstead Dentist and Elstead Chiropractic.  Please note that these copies must be read in situ and not be uplifted.  A further hard copy can be borrowed from The Clerk, email: elsteadpc.clerk@gmail.com

There now follows an eight week consultation period - 2 weeks longer than the minimum - to allow plenty of time for people to respond.  We would urge all residents to read the plan and make any comments - no matter how big or small - before 30th August.  Comments should be made ideally via a short online survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ElsteadPlan or be sent in writing to; The Clerk, Elstead Parish Council, Woodview, Red House Lane, Elstead, Surrey GU8 6DS.  Thank you.

June 2018

The Elstead & Weyburn NHP team are delighted to announce the launch of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.  Do come along on Friday 6th July from 6-10pm at the Pavilion, Thursley Road where you will have the chance to see the draft policies and chat to the team in an informal setting.  

The Draft plan is now online!  Part 1 and Part 2 of the draft NHP are found here - it is too large to be uploaded as a single document.  Hard copies will be available to read in key village locations from w/c 9th July - venues will be listed here from 9th July.

All residents are invited to provide feedback on the draft plan online via https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ElsteadPlan or by post to The Clerk, Woodview, Red House Lane, Elstead, Surrey.  GU8 6DS.  All feedback must be received by 30th August 2018.  

A poster about the event is attached here.

A leaflet explaining the Neighbourhood Plan Process that has been distributed to all residents is available here.

Annual Return

Notice advising of the Public Rights of Exercise for FY 2017, 2018



Elstead Parish Council's response to WBC"S LPP2 consultation: Sites for Development can be found here.

Elstead Parish Council's response to WBC's LPP2 consultation: Settlement Boundary can be found here.  

Any resident may repsond to the consultation and must do so by 8th July 2018.  Responses can be sent in three ways:

1) Online via the WBC Consultation Portal. 

2) Email to planningpolicy@waverley.gov.uk

3) Post to LPP2, Planning Policy, Planning Services, Waverley Borough Council, The Burys, Godalming, GU7 1HR.



Homeowners are kindly requested to ensure any vegetation is not obstructing sightlines or pavements.  Please keep trees, bushes, hedges, foliage etc cut back.


Animals on the Rec

Residents are reminded that all animals, including dogs and horses, are not allowed on either Thursley Road or Burford Lodges recs.  This includes the playing fields as well as the play parks.


May 2018

Minutes for the meeting held with WBC in March 2018 have been amended.  The final revised minutes are noew attached here.


Elstead Parish Council would like to thank all who attended the annual Parish Assembly held on 2nd May 2018.  Sincere thanks to guest speakers Staff Sargeant Bain, Nigel Jewks (Trustee, Citizens Advice Waverley) and Alison Briscoe (Trustee, The Clockhouse) for their very informative presentations. The annual report for FY 2017/18 can be found here.


April 2018

Advance notice for the Annual Parish Assembly.  This will be held on Wednesday 2nd May at 7.30pm at the URC.  We welcome guest speakers from Citizens Advice Waverley and The Clockhouse.  There will be a general update on what the Parish Council has been working on along with a neighbourhood plan update.  This is a perfect chance to find out more about the PC as well as raise any questions that you wish.  We would like to see as many residents attending as possible.  A flyer is attached.

Meeting with Clarion regarding Weyburn Development

The PC met with Clarion who have bought the Weyburn site to develop.  There is no firm schedule of works however it is expected that the site will be cleared of debris from May and this process will take about 4 months.  Residents should be aware of an increase of heavy plant traffic during this period which should be using the Milford Road and not Somerset Bridge route.  Phase 1 of the building works is expected to start in Winter 2018.  The site should be complete by 2021.


March 2018

The Parish Council has sent a press release to The Farnham Herald and The Surrey Advertiser expressing its frustration at the lack of collboration from WBC with regards site allocation within Elstead.  The article was published in the March 8th issue of The Farnham Herald.  The press relase can be found in full here.


February 2018


SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL PROPOSE TO MAKE the above mentioned Temporary Order under Section 14(1) of The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will be to temporarily prohibit vehicles from entering or proceeding in that length of Shackleford Road (C25), Elstead which comprises the Somerset Bridge over the River Wey and 30 metres either side of the bridge. Vehicular traffic will be diverted via Shackleford Road, Attleford Lane, Lombard Street, Cutmill Road, Suffield Lane, Fulbrook Lane, Farnham Road, Milford Road and Shackleford Road or this route in reverse order.


This Order is required to enable Surrey County Council to carry out bridge repair and/or maintenance works. These works are anticipated to be carried out as soon as possible within the twelve month period of operation of this Order which commences on 10 March 2018. The closure will be in force 24 hours per day however advanced warning signs will be displayed and the temporary closure will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed. Access for pedestrians, pedal cyclists and equestrians will be maintained at all times. Access for residents, businesses and emergency vehicles will be maintained via the signed diversion route. No sole means of property access will be affected by this closure. Any vehicle found to be obstructing the highway during these works will be removed to a suitable location outside the limits of the works after all reasonable methods have been undertaken to identify and contact the vehicle’s owner.


EER Response

With the weather turning very cold and the potential for snow – we are looking at whether we need to enact phase 1 of the Elstead Parish Council (EPC) emergency plan, with the Elstead Emergency Response (EER) volunteering team.

A bit of information on the EPC Emergency plan:

  • The EPC and EER team consider an emergency as “any incident or severe weather event that is likely to or has caused disruption to village services for 24 hours or more”. 
  • We have three stages - Preparation, Action required, De-activation.  The plan can be activated by the on call EER or Chair – or requested by the Parish Council.  A link to the current plan is here.

Should we need to mobilise the volunteering group, the intent of the EER is to foster the local community spirit to help others in need in the village (during a declared emergency), to help improve communication of issues across the village (eg any power cuts and associated updates ‘when will it be back on’) and if required, provide a local hub to provide hot drinks and more updated information. 

Should we declare “Action required” we have three sites across the village that will be used to share updates and information.  These are located at Bus Stop Milford Road / Hookley Lane, Spar Shop notice board near the post box, Pavilion notice board on Thursley Road.  Please note, we will only put information up there if we have declared an emergency.

The EPC and EER does not replace the Emergency services – if in doubt, please contact them as you would normally.

We will update again should we need to activate the plan. 

In meantime, please do keep an eye out for your elderly and/or vulnerable neighbours.

Stay warm and safe


Site Allocation no longer to be included in the Elstead & Weyburn NHP

Representatives from Elstead Parish Council have attended several meeting with Waverley Borough Council to discuss site allocations in the village.  As both sides are not able to agree on all the proposed sites the NHP SG (with support of the PC) have decided to remove site allocations.  A copy of the letter that was sent to WBC is attached here.


January 2018

Elstead is one of 76 villages shortlisted in Channel 4's Village of The Year Compeititon.  How well did Elstead do?  Watch the show on Channel 4 weekdays from 3pm.....

December 2017

Elstead Parish Council has funded improvements to the end of BW113.  The better ditching as well as the new surface should mean that the BW is now passable all year round,


November 2017

Elstead & Weyurn NHP team have met with WBC Planning Policy Officers to discuss sites allocations within Elstead.


October 2017

The NHP Steering Group have provided a report on the work that they have been doing which includes an update on the discussion that are on-going with WBC regarding development site selection.  A copy of the Nov EVN article can be found here.  Villagers are welcome to comment by following the address details found at the bottom of the article.

September 2017

A debrief of the Bif Meeting and Design Workshop held in July 2017 can be found under the Neighbourhood plan section of the Parish Council Swebsite.

Following the results of the Big Public Meeting & Exhibition held 6th July 2017, The Design Workshop held 19-21 July and an independent report conducted by Aecom - see below, the NHP SG combined with the PC have proposed the following Green Belt Adjustments to WBC as part of the LLP2 preliminary work.  A copy of the letter is below.

Letter to WBC

Appendix to letter to WBC

Aecom Report

SEA Application 

An SEA application was submitted to WBC to understand if there will need to be a screening / sustainaility assessment before development and sites can be determined.  The SEA application can be found here.


July 2017

Neighbourhood Plan Design Workshop and Meetings

A series of meetings and workshops looking at different sites around the village that were put forward in repsonse to both the WBC and E&WNP Call for Sites.

Monday 17th July, 7.30-9pm, Site Briefing Sessions at URC Church Hall
Tuesday 18th July, 2-4pm, Open Door session at URC Church Room
Wednesday 19th July, 2-4pm, Open Door session at the Youth Centre 
Wednesday 19th July, 7.30-9pm, Presentation of Site Design Work at URC Church Hall.


Thank you to all who were able to attend the Big Meeting and Exhibition on 6th July.
Residents were able to comment on draft policies as well as understand the site assessment process for future housing development.
The E&WNP (Elstead & Weyburn Neighbourhhod PlanTeam) would like to clarify the site assessment process.
1. The draft Waverley Borough Council Local Plan Part 1 requires the Elstead and Weyburn Neighbourhood Plan area to provide land for
a minimum of 150 houses over the period 2013-32.  This equates to 7 houses per annum which is in line with historic development in the village i.e since the 1960's Elstead has grown at a rate of c. 7 houses per annum.  The 150 houses includes 22 already built or which have received planning consent, together with the 61 approved for the old Weyburn Works site. It is possible that the figure of 150 may be increased somewhat in the light of the Government Inspector’s comments on the draft Local Plan (still awaited)
2. WBC and E&WNP have both put forward a 'Call for Sites' for development.  WBC originally proposed 3 development sites: Weyburn plus 2 sites in Hookley Lane.  The PC feels that development should be dispersed through the village rather than in just one area.  WBC has agreed that E&WNP can propose alternative sites.
3. Following these 'Calls for Sites' 9 sites were put forward and these sites are currently being assessed by an independent company.  The consultant will measure each site using the same set of criteria to determine which sites are the most appropriate for development.
4.  The E&WNP is using two consultants to make sure that the final Neighbourhood Plan is robust and legal.  Aecom are an independent company who are undertaking the formal site assessment work.  Imagine Places are the consultancy working through the NHP process with the NHP team.  Both consultants work independently to each other as they are working on different areas but they have shared information and had open dialogues with each other.
5.  There will be a Design workshop on 17th-19th July be open to all residents.  Imagine Places will be looking at some of the key sites and designing what the developments might look like and how they might interface with the community.  Residents are invited to pop in to these sessions or attend one of the public meetings and we hope that as many people will take this opportunity to get involved.
6.  Funding for much of the consultancy work has been paid for through grants and the rest has come from PC funds.


June 2017

Neighbourhood Plan Exhibition and Public Meeting: This will be held on Thuesday 6th July.  The exhibition will run from 2-5.30pm in the youth centre.  The Publlc Meeting will start at 7.30pm and will be held in the village hall.  Everyone is very welcome to attend.   This is the future of Elstead.

May 2017

Vote for Burford Lodge Rec at Tesco
The Parish Council is planning to install three exciting new pieces of play equipment hopefully in time for the summer holidays.  The new items will be in addition to what is there and will suit all ages as well as all abilities.  We have been trying to secure funding to help pay for this and are delighted to hear that have been chosen as one of the projects that can be voted for in store.
So if you shop at Tesco Guildford (near the train station), Tesco Guildford (near the RSCH hospital) and Tesco Milford please make sure you ask for a token as you pay for your items and make sure you vote for Burford Lodge Rec.  We understand that voting will be from now until the end of June 2017, with monies awarded in July.  Thank you so much for your support.... Every little will definitely help!


The Annual Parish Meeting wil be held on Wednesday 3rd May at 7.30pm.  Come and find out what your Parish Council has been working on over the last year.  There will be updates on the Weyburn Works Application, a progress report on the Neighbourhood Plan and exiciting news regarding Burford Lodge Rec. In addition the Annual Report will be available.  We hope as many residents as possible will attend.


General Election: Key Dates  

A United Kingdom Parliamentary General Election will be held on Thursday 8 June 2017.  To be eligible to vote you must be registered and have until Monday 22 May to do so by going to:www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Residents who require a postal vote must apply by 5pm on Tuesday 23 May.  Applications to vote by proxy must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 31 May. 

On the same day by-elections will be held to elect two town councillors to the Haslemere-South ward of Haslemere Town Council and one town councillor to the Hindhead ward of Haslemere Town Council.  Polling hours will be from 7am until 10pm.  Poll cards providing polling station details for those electors eligible to vote will be despatched around 9 May 2017.

Anyone wishing to stand as a candidate in either the General Election or the Haslemere Town Council by-elections should contact the Elections team to request a nomination pack or for further information about the nominations process.  Nominations must be received by the Acting Returning Officer by 4pm on Thursday 11 May.


April 2017

The Parish Council has written to Mrs Sims, Head of Planning at Waverley, expressing its concern at the S106 agremeent following the recent approval of the Weyburn Works development applications.  The letter can be found here.

Surrey Police Bulletin 


March 2017

The first Weyburn application (69 dwellings and a care home) was initially refused by WBC planning.  However, following an Appeal the application went to a Public Inquiry where the original decision was overturned and the development was granted.  The second application (61 dwellings plus a care home) was heard at a Joint Planning Committee Meeting at Waverley offices on 28th March.  It too was granted.  Please find below the views of the Parish Council following this decision.


1 The proposed development at the former Weyburn Works site is the largest development to affect Elstead and its immediate area for the past half century – representing an increase of over 5% in number of dwellings. So it is of key importance to the community. Several aspects of the proposals have caused us difficulty, in particular the loss of a major employment site. But the refusal of the earlier proposal for 69 dwellings was overturned on appeal and we had to consider whether or not this second application, for 61 new dwellings, was more acceptable.

2 We concluded that on balance this application is more acceptable to the earlier one. It excludes the northern part of the site, which is subject to frequent flooding, and offers more parking spaces. We are also pleased that the Joint Planning Committee included additional conditions, both to protect the openness of the northern part of the site and to withdraw permitted development rights in order to safeguard the planned housing mix. 

3 We continue to have concerns about several aspects of proposed S106 agreement. None of its provisions have been previously discussed with the community and indeed we were not aware of its content until the officers’ report came out last Friday. Of particular concern is the proposed provision of £250,000 for primary education, all to be spent in Witley or Tilford. St James Primary School in Elstead is already over-subscribed, so all primary age children from Weyburn would have to go to Witley or Tilford – a 4 mile journey. We believe that since the draft Local Plan would require a minimum of 150 new dwellings in the Elstead and Weyburn Neighbourhood Plan area there is a clear need for a review of local primary education provision and of this part of S106 agreement.

4 We do not believe the proposed pedestrian access to Elstead along Shackleford and Milford Roads is satisfactory. It is unsafe, circuitous, there is no provision for cycle access and it would lead to the ‘urbanisation’ of a dark, rural area. We have offered a much better and probably cheaper alternative across Parish Council land. We are glad that the Joint Committee supported this alternative and we believe the developer is happy to develop this route in preference to the Milford Road route.

5 Overall, we are glad that uncertainty over use of this site – vacant and derelict now for 9 years – has been resolved. The Joint Committee has recommended the establishment of a Liaison Committee comprised of representatives of the developer and the local community to monitor progress and to resolve any issues arising from the development. We welcome this and are ready to work positively with the developer in this regard. 

6 I should record my thanks, on behalf of the Parish Council, to Mrs Dawn Davidsen, vice-chairman of the Elstead and Weyburn Neighbourhood Plan team, for all the work she has done in relation to these proposals. Her efforts have I believe secured a much improved outcome for the community as a whole.




February 2017

The EER strategic document has been finalised and can be found here.


Surrey Police Bulletin 


Letter to P Wenham

The Parish Council has written a letter to Paul Wenham the Chief Executive of WBC with regards its dissatisfaction over the decision to alow a change of use for 5 Andersen Place.  The letter can be read here.  


Burford Lodge Rec

Villagers should be aware that a floodlight has fallen down on Burford Lodge Rec playing fields.  The area is clearly cordoned off with orange safety tape however please be aware that there might still be fragments of glass.  Please ensure you keep well away from this area and in particular ensure children do not go near the cordoned off site.   The Parish Council thanks The Sharks for so speedily securing the area. 


January 2017

Emergency by The British Red Cross.

The Parish Council recommends all residents to keep up to date with weather reports.  A new app Emergency can be downloaded fro itunes giving up to date severe weather and emergency alerts for your area.

Surrey Police Bulletin

December 2016

Shared Ownership House for Sale

On Thursley Rd, a new 2 bedroom house for sale.  £225,250 leasehold for a 53% share plus rent of £233.33 pcm.  Please contact Masella Coupe Estae Agents 01483 418777.

Surrey Police Bulletin

Free Parking in Waverley on 3rd December

Waverley BC is pleased to let you know that there will be free Christmas parking in all Waverley owned car parks on Saturday 3 December, from 10 am for the rest of the day. This coincides with the national Small Business Saturday initiative so, with our partners in the four Chambers of Commerce, we will be encouraging people to shop locally and support the retailers on Waverley’s high streets.

November 2016

Surrey Police Bulletin

The Parish Council is asking for all residents to consider alternative development sites for housing.  Please click on this link to find out more.

All residents will have received a small follow up survey from the Elstead and Weyburn Neightbourhood Plan Team.  This is a follow up to the public meeting that was held in July 2016.  Please can all resident indly complete the form ideally online at  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/EWNP_FollowUpSurvey.  Anyone wishing to complete the paper version may do so and should return it to either Chandlers, Michelle Renee, The School Office or The Clerk.   Surveys must be completed by 2nd December 2016.  Each person in the household over the age of 14 may complete their own survey.  Thank you.  The NHP team need this informaiton to make sure that they can develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the village as a whole. 


October 2016

Surrey Police Bulletin

The Parish Council submitted its response to the Waverley Draft Local Plan (version 1) at the beginning of October.  This was a combined response with the E&W NHP team.  Please click on the link to read the response.


The Parish Council has written a document explaining its response to WBC proposed removal of Green Belt from the Village settlement area.  Please click on the link to read more.


September 2016

Surrey Police Bulletin


E&WNP submitted a combined response with Elstead Parish Council with regards the second Weyburn application.


The consultation period for the WBC local Plan Part One will run from 19th August until 5pm on Monday 3rd October.  Everyone is invited to study both plans and feedback any concerns.  Electronic feedback is preferred but written responses are still accepted.   Documents can be viewed online, at the Council Offices Godalming, at Farnham Locality Office, and at both Godalming and Farnham libraries.

Online Consultation Website:

You can view the document, and comment online http://consult.waverley.gov.uk 

Download a Representation Form:

http://www.waverley.gov.uk/newlocalplan and follow the link to the Local Plan consultation. This can be filled in electronically and emailed to WBC at planningpolicy@waverley.gov.uk

Written Response:

Please reference your correspondence with the relevant paragraph or policy number.  Please note all comments, however they are submitted, will be publicly available and cannot be treated as confidential (identifiable by name and organisation only).

Farnham Local Plan

This will consult during the same time please visit http://www.waverley.gov.uk/FarnhamNP

WBC Draft Local Plan.

The Parish Council has idenitifed some key areas which were discussed in the last PC meeting.

-Green Belt and Settlement Area: proposal is that the settlement area of Elstead should be removed from the Green belt as Green Belt policies are not designed for densely settled areas. The PC agrred with this as if the settlement area remains in the Green Belt, recent Planning Inspectorate decisions would require Waverley planners to enforce a much more restrictive policy in relation to house extensions in the village. If the settlement area is removed from the GB, protection of the village environment would then be a matter for the Neighbourhood Plan and other more appropriate Local Plan policies.

-Green Belt review: proposal is that 2 areas adjacent to Hookley Lane should be removed from the Green Belt, presumably to allow for development. These areas have not been defined in detail.The PC will need to reach a view on their suitability.

-Land for Housing: proposal is that Elstead should provide 150 dwellings in the period 2013-2032 (22 of which are already built or have received consent). For comparison, Waverley Borough as a whole will need to find an additional  20% or so dwellings over this period; the proposed figure for Elstead would be around 14 %. If we accept the figure, we will need to be reasonably clear that we can find through the Neighbourhood Planning process sufficient sites for this number of dwellings. These sites can include small sites within the settlement area (eg the telephone exchange and the former coach park) as well as sites adjacent to but outside the area. They can also include dwellings provided by the conversion of redundant farm buildings. We can propose alternative sites outside the settlement area (ie not those adjacent to Hookley Lane) for consideration by WBC as part of the Local Plan Part 2 process, provided of course that we think they are more suitable than those proposed by WBC.  Cllrs thought that the figure was reasonable.

-Affordable housing and housing mix: Cllrs agred with this

-Protection of employment land: the draft proposes a stronger policy in this area and cllrs agreed to this.


August 2016

Surrey Police Report

Elstead Parish Council Annual Report.

July 2016

Surrey Police Report



The BIG Meeting.  Everyone is urged to attend the Big Meeting which will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 6th July at the school hall, St James School.  There will be a very brief overview of the results of the recent Neighbourhood Plan Survey followed by break out sessions where you can look at the key aims and objectives each working group; environment, housing, employment, transport, has summarised from the data.  This your Elstead and your future, so please make sure that you come along.



Cowparade Surrey is the world’s largest public art event and it has arrived in Surrey!  This exciting exhibition will see over 60 full-size, fibreglass cows uniquely decorated by artists and placed all around Surrey for all to discover.  The idea behind CowParade is that cows are sponsored by businesses, decorated by artists and auctioned off to raise lots of mooolaa for charities!

Cows are gradually appearing throughout Surrey from June until the end of August.  A specially designed app is free to download and allows you to ‘check in’ to each cow as it is found.  Discover lots about each cow, win rosettes, take part in quizzes and much more.  Those who find the most cows will be entered into a prize draw to win a luxury Kuoni holiday for two to Mauritius.

The Autum will see the cows auctioned off for charity.  Each cow sponsor gets to choose a charity of their won to benefit from half of the auction proceeds, with the other fifty percent going to the Surrey Hills Trust Fund, established in partnership with the Community Foundation for Surrey to conserve and protect the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.   The fund local community projects and enterprise schemes that benefit and enhance the surrey Hills.  For further information on Cowparade and to download the app visit www.cowparadesurreyhills.com



A new recycling guide to help residents see what can be put into each of their bins will be dropping through Waverley letterboxes over the coming days.

The colourful new design features graphics and information about what goes in residents’ blue recycling bins, green food waste caddies, brown garden waste bins and details about where to recycle textiles, small electricals and batteries. 

For example the guide explains that people can put glass bottles, jars, tins, plastic margarine tubs and dry paper in their blue recycling bin, but adds that people can’t include light bulbs, cling film or plastic bottle tops.

“Remember if there’s anything you’re not sure about, you can also check the council’s Recycle A- Z or find out more by going to www.waverley.gov.uk/whyrecycle.”


June 2016

Surrey Artists Studios are Open Again!  Please vist Joan Wigley, Janine Rees and Jane Henderson who will be exhibiting textiles, ceramics and jewellry from 11am-5pm at Myrtle Cottage, Thursley Road on 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th and 19th June. 

Look out for the organe balloons highlighting that a sudio is open. 


There are two abandoned vehicles in the service road to Burford Lodge Rec / tennis courts.  Both the Police and WBC have been notified and are taking the appropriate steps to get them removed.

May 2016

Surrey Police Bulletin

Is your braodband superfast?

As you will know, the Superfast Surrey main deployment has ended and Surrey County Council (SCC) is seeking to confirm the broadband landscape of Surrey before making further decisions on additional deployment of broadband infrastructure.   

We have now received guidance from Broadband Delivery UK and are writing to advise you that the Superfast Surrey State Aid Public Consultation will last for one month commencing on 25 April 2016 (closing at 17:00 on 24 May 2016). 

The State Aid Public Consultation document has been uploaded to the website -http://superfastsurrey.org.uk/superfast-surrey-state-aid-public-consultation 

It summarises the State Aid regulations and includes an overview of the responses that Surrey County Council has received from Service Providers relating to their current and future NGA infrastructure deployment plans.   

The document includes a map and a list of all Surrey postcodes with their proposed NGA designation together with details of how to respond should anyone not be content with our proposed white NGA areas. 

It should be noted that in parallel to this public consultation, BDUK have advised that SCC must also seek an explanation and evidence from service providers explaining changes to their commercial deployment plans for Surrey that were announced in 2012. 

For the avoidance of doubt, the Surrey NGA Intervention Area will be determined following analysis of responses to the State Aid Public Consultation and submission to BDUK. It should be noted that even if areas are cleared by BDUK as NGA white, any decisions as to whether they will benefit from any publicly funded deployment will not be made until later this year when BT’s deployment modelling has been assessed, and the opportunity and extent of value for money deployment that can be fully funded by Superfast Surrey has been determined

To ensure a thorough awareness of the process we would appreciate your assistance in bringing the information contained in this email to the attention of your community through your own communications channels. 


There will be an Open Meeting on Tuesday 10th May at 7pm at St James’ Church to let people in Elstead know of proposals to make changes to the interior of the church building, which are currently under consideration. The attached letter details how there will be an improvement to make the space inside St James’ more flexible.  All are invited to attend.


Parish Assembly 4th May 2016. 7.30pm URC Hall. 

April 2016

The ELSTEAD Community Response to Cardiac Arrest is Critical to Saving Lives!  FREE TRAINING SESSION

WE Have Three Public Access Defibrillators in Elstead for Public Use 

Defibrillation within 3–5 min of collapse can produce survival rates as high as 50–70%.  This can be achieved through public access defibrillation, when a bystander uses a nearby AED to deliver the first shock.


Come and Attend a FREE Awareness session 

because AEDs are safe and effective when used 

by laypeople such as YOU!


Saturday 7th May 2016 at Elstead Youth Centre 

Timed Slots: 10-11am, 11am -12, 12-1pm 1pm -2pm

All age groups and abilities welcome.


Please contact Elstead Parish Clerk on 07884 490581 

or email elsteadpc.clerk@gmail.com to reserve your slot.


Surrey Police Bulletin

March 2016

The Elstead & Weyburn Neighbourhood Plan

The Elstead and Weyburn Neighbourhood Plan Team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to complete the Big Survey.  

We are delighted with the huge number of completed surveys that we have received and also with the obvious amount of thought that has gone into the responses.  

It will take the team a little while to go through all the data but we are hoping to be able to share the findings with you in the next couple of months.  Once again, a very big thank you.

Surrey Police Bulletin



February 2016

Surrey Police Bulletin

January 2016

Some changes to the bus services in Surrey are being proposed.  A public consultation, giving residents the chance to have their say on the proposals will run until Monday 14 March 2016. Full details of the proposed changes including details of alternative services where available can be found in the here (46 affects Elstead).  Residents can have their say by completing the questionnaire online at  surreycc.gov.uk/transportreview.  Paper questionnaires are available in Surrey libraries and local council offices, and residents can request a copy sent straight to their door by calling 0300 200 1003 (SMS: 07527 182 861). 

Surrey Police Bulletin

December 2015

If you are working or living in Elstead, you should have received a copy of the Big Survey.  Please take the time to complete this questionnaire either in hard copy or by completing the online version which is available here: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BIGSURVEYElSTEAD

A copy of the letter sent to Jeremy Hunt MP regarding the Housing and Planning Bill is available here.

November 2015

Surrey Police Bulletin

October 2015

Surrey Police Bulletin

Planning Application Comments

The Parish Council have raised their concerns with Waverley Borough Council's Planning Services department regarding Parish Council and residents comments being taken into account when making decisions about planning applications.  A copy of the letter is available here.  

Traffic bulletin: A3 Hindhead tunnel closed overnight on Thursday 29th October

Drivers are advised that the A3 Hindhead tunnel will be closed in both directions overnight next Thursday (29 October). Both bores will be closed to allow a full scale training exercise for the tunnel operators and emergency services. This is a legal requirement that a full scale exercise is carried out every four years.

The tunnel will be closed in both directions overnight, between 9pm and 5am. A clearly signed diversion will be in place via the A31 and A325. The aim of the exercise is to test the response of the emergency services dealing with a road traffic collision and fire inside the tunnel.

UK Heart Safe Awards 2015

Elstead Parish Council were one of four finalists in the recent UK Heart Safe Awards 2015.  Although the Parish did not win the award, to be placed within the top four nominations was a fantastic result.  The award was to recognise the good work of the Parish Council in installing three defibrillators throughout the village in locations which could be accessed by all ages.  Thanks to Cllr Joan Holroyd in her work to install the units and attending the awards ceremony on behalf of the Parish Council.  A copy of the nomination is available here.

September 2015

Surrey Police Bulletin 

August 2015

Surrey Police Bulletin - August

July 2015

Surrey Police Bulletin - July

Firewise Scheme - Elstead Parish Council have agreed to work with Surrey Fire and Rescue Service to support the introduction of the Firewise scheme in the village in order to become a fire adapted community. In 2006 a wildfire on Thursley National Nature Reserve destroyed an area of 156 hectares, as well as causing the closure of the A3 and disruption to power and water supplies. In partnership with SF&RS we would like to minimise the risk of another wildfire occurring and learn how best to protect Elstead residents and their properties in the event that one does.

SF&RS would like to ensure that parishioners are kept well informed about the potential dangers but also the simple steps that can be taken to mitigate risk to themselves and their property. SF&RS will be contacting those properties close to the common to offer them a Firewise check.  They will also be attending local events in order to inform parishioners about the project and provide guidance.

Road Closure - There will be a temporary road closure, the effect of which will be to temporarily prohibit any vehicle from entering or proceeding in that length of (D944) Red House Lane, Elstead, between the northern boundary of the property known as Weywood and the southern boundary of the property known as Red Leas, a distance of 66 metres. This Order is required to enable ASL Limited to carry out a main sewer connection over four days between the hours of 09.00hrs and 16.00hrs with work commencing on the 27th July 2015.  Access will be maintained for pedestrians and emergency services at all times. Access for residents will be maintained where reasonably possible. 

June 2015


The next public meeting to provide a progress report and agree the next steps of the Neighbourhood Plan process will take place on Monday 6th July from 6.00 pm at St. James School.  Please come along see what the working groups have prepared to date and give your views on how Elstead and Weyburn should look in 2030.  Your input is crucial to the success of the project and the future of Elstead and Weyburn so please take the time to attend the meeting and/or complete the survey information. PRESENTATIONS ARE AVAILABLE HERE.

Surrey Police Bulletin - June 2015


Neighbourhood Planning Takes Shape In The Borough

A neighbourhood area application covering Elstead and Weyburn has been approved by members of the Executive Committee of Waverley Borough Council. The decision, which was made at the meeting on Tuesday 9 June, means that Elstead Parish Council and Peper Harow Parish Meeting can take steps towards preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Elstead and Weyburn.

Cllr Brian Adams, Portfolio Holder for Planning said: “This is a really positive step forward for Elstead Parish Council and Peper Harow Parish Meeting. It is great to see the parishes starting the process of formerly setting out what residents want to see in their community and where. When complete, the Neighbourhood Plan will contribute towards providing development that meets resident’s needs”.

The area application boundary includes Tanshire Park and Weyburn Works, which adjoins Elstead on its north-eastern boundary. The application also included a stretch of Shackleford Road that runs up to Somerset Bridge. A Memorandum of Association signed by both parishes ensures Pepper Harrow is able to protect its interests in these sites.

SAVE A LIFE Elstead Parish Council received funding from the Billmeir Trust for three Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and these have now been installed in the village.  They are located at:

The Spar Shop on the Village Green (on the outside wall in locked cabinet) – GU8 6DD 

Burford Lodge Football Pavilion (on outside wall in locked cabinet) – GU8 6LA

Thursley Road Cricket Pavilion (building inside in an unlocked cabinet) – GU8 6DU

To access the AED in a locked cabinet dial 999 and give your location the ambulance service will give you the code to open the nearest cabinet and will help you as required. All three AED locations are logged with South East Ambulance control. Further information is available here.

If you have any queries please contact the Parish Clerk or Cllr. Joan Holroyd 

May 2015


The next public meeting to provide a progress report and agree the next steps of the Neighbourhood Plan process will take place on Monday 6th July from 6.00 pm at St. James School.  Please come along see what the working groups have prepared to date and give your views on how Elstead and Weyburn should look in 2030.  Your input is crucial to the success of the project and the future of Elstead and Weyburn so please take the time to attend the meeting and/or complete the survey information. 

Surrey Police Bulletin


Following an uncontested election process, there are two Parish Councillor vacancies. If you would like to help develop, improve and protect your local community for the future, why not join the Parish Council.

To be eligible you must qualify under one of the provisions of Section 79 of the Local Government Act 1972, i.e    .a)  be on the electoral register for the Parish;  b)  have owned or rented land in the Parish for 12 months;  c)  have worked in the Parish for 12 months;   d)  have lived in the Parish or within 3 miles of the Parish boundary for 12 months  e)  must be 18 years of age or over.

The Council meets once a month, with additional planning and other meetings when required.  It is responsible for managing the Parish Precept, considering local planning applications, providing and maintaining recreational and cemetery facilities and representing residents’ views and interests locally and nationally. If you are interested and qualify please contact the Clerk - Tel. 01252 703201or email: elsteadpc.clerk@gmail.com.  Applications should be received by Friday 15th May 2015.

Floating Support for Older People

Waverley Borough Council are promoting a new free service to provide support that promotes and empowers independent living for residents over 60 years of age. This will include: support with budgeting, welfare and benefit entitlement guidance; help with completing paperwork and applying for grants, care and repair, aids and adaptations, information about local social activities and referrals/sign-posting.  Information about the service is available here.

April 2015

Surrey Police Bulletin

Minutes of Hankley Users Group meeting (HUG)

March 2015

Surrey Police Bulletin

February 2015

I am sad to report that Denis Holmes passed away on 9th February after a short illness.  Denis served for 12 years as chairman of Elstead Parish Council, and for several years prior to that as a member. He worked assiduously and tirelessly on behalf of the village, overseeing and facilitating a number of major projects initiated by or part-funded by the Council. These included a large new childrens play area, nearly 40 village allotments and a splendid new sports and community pavilion. He was also heavily involved in other village activities, including the garden and badminton clubs and the meals on wheels service. Denis was held in the highest esteem by his colleagues, both for the work which he did and for the collaborative and considerate way in which he did it. He was a real gentleman, in every sense of the word, and will be greatly missed in the village.

A memorial service for Denis will take place on Saturday 7th March at 11.00 am at St. James Church.  All are welcome to attend.

January 2015 

Surrey Police Bulletin 

Elstead and Peper Harow Neighbourhood Plan: The first working session for the Neighbourhood Plan was held on Wednesday 14th January in the Golden Fleece Pub. Documents relating to the project are available on the Neighbourhood Plan page of this site.

Hankley Users Group Minutes - The minutes of the Hankley Users Group meeting which took place on 3rd December 2014 are available here.
























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